MPS launches the E-Sleeve

11 September 2019

The E-Sleeve from MPS is a new sleeve technology which offers precise concentricity across the entire plate, providing predictable print results with increased speeds.

RotoMetrics launches AccuPrint EC print sleeves

14 February 2018

AccuPrint EC print sleeve   AccuPrint enhanced composite print sleeves by RotoMetrics are designed to offer maximum stability and repeat performance. Created specifically for the…

Strong and stable

21 November 2017

The rotec Eco Bridge sleeve in use at Rommelag Flex in Germany   Developments in sleeve technology aim to provide higher and more consistent print…

Roll up your sleeves

26 January 2017

The Irisleeve 1503 is part of Camis’ range of products to help setting up flexo jobs   Setting up plates and sleeves can be the…

Taking it on the sleeve

16 December 2015

Axcyl Carbon carbon fibre bridge sleeve   There are many types of sleeves used in flexo printing. There are anilox sleeves, plate carrier sleeves and…

If the sleeve fits

21 August 2014

Polymount’s Twinlock sleeve has a self-adhesive surface The use of flexo, and therefore demand for sleeves, is still growing, mainly driven by printers switching from…

What shape cell?

20 March 2013

Manufacturers of anilox rollers and sleeves are still not agreed on the best approach to meet the demands of the increasingly sophisticated flexo printing process. The…

Trelleborg launches protection sleeve

5 November 2012

New Axcyl Axcylox protection sleeve from Trelleborg   Specifically designed for use during the flexo printing process, the Axcyl Axcylox protection sleeve is the latest…