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23 January 2019

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) is about accelerating digital transformations in industries where colourful images really matter.

Harper Corporation of America

11 August 2018

Pioneering, Expanding and Revolutionizing Flexographic Technology From the advent of flexographic printing and Anilox Roll manufacturing, Harper Corporation of America has earned the distinction of…


30 March 2021

  Our Group Inkmaker Group, is a global technology leader headquartered in Italy—focused on reliability. The Group’s core business is in the paint, coatings, ink…

Maxcess /RotoMetrics

29 January 2021

Maxcess helps its customers maximize productivity through innovative products and services worldwide. By combining more than 400 years of global service and support across the…

Phoseon Technology

13 August 2018

Starting from 2002 in Portland Oregon USA, Phoseon Technology foresaw the value of LEDs for both Industrial Curing applications and Life Sciences solutions. Building from our strong background in…