Two new lines launched by Polywest

3 July 2020

Polywest has launched two new product lines, POLYCARBON and POLYBRIDGE which offer printers with a wide variety of sleeve options for various printing requirements.

Optimum snaps up Telrol Group

2 July 2020

Telrol Group, consisting of the specialists in self-adhesive labels Telrol and Kolibri Labels, has become part of Optimum Group.

Key articles

Razzle dazzle them

29 June 2020

Whether it is just standing out from the crowd or whether it is helping the fight against the spread of pathogens, inks and coatings can…

Inspector gadgets

19 June 2020

The mantra of a modern day flexo printing operation is, ‘If you can measure it, you can control it’.

Repair or replace

27 April 2020

Companies are often faced with the dilemma — to repair or replace? Is it worth spending money on repairing aging equipment?

The right Connections

9 March 2020

Connect became a member of the global cross media production company Schawk in February 2017.

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