The E-Sleeve from MPS is a new sleeve technology which offers precise concentricity across the entire plate, providing predictable print results with increased speeds.

Designed as an alternative to traditional sleeves that use compressible materials, the company claims the sleeve can guarantee quality tolerances and with more reliable production cost calculations.

Key features include optimum pressure settings to avoid unnecessary bouncing, precise concentric runout properties, constant parallelism for ideal register across the entire print length, and increased dimensional accuracy for optimum register between all colours and die stations. With a reduced weight, E-Sleeves also provides easier and faster job changeovers and lower lifetime tooling costs through improved durability.

‘Flexographic printing sleeves play a critical role in the overall flexo printing process, as they have a major influence on print efficiency and quality,’ said Bert van den Brink, MPS co-founder. ‘We at MPS saw the need to change from sleeves that use an aero-mounting principle with a compressible inner core, to a design with precise concentricity across the entire plate for optimum print results. It’s a game changer for the printing industry.’