The expanded range offers a new hardness level


Flint Group now offers an Extra Firm rotec Compressible Sleeve with a hardness level of 70 Shore A, in addition to the Medium (50 Shore A) and Firm (60 Shore A) hardness levels. 

Feedback from several customers indicated that the rotec Compressible Sleeve, with its consistent high-quality compressible surface, produced quality print, combining screen and full tone printing within one colour station. However, customer inquiries revealed the need for more options to achieve their quality goals. Customers can now reach the next level of printability with the newly expanded range.

‘Flint Group really listens to the printers and optimises communication pathways so that new product development is focused on these actual customer needs. That allows the printer to meet the increasing demands of the flexographic market,’ explained Gina Wienbracke, Flint Group product manager for rotec Sleeves and Adapters.