Going viral: What are companies doing?


Published: 24 March 2000 | No comments yet

Going viral: What are companies doing?

All across the UK and further afield print companies are doing their utmost to keep staff, customers and suppliers safe, keep things running as close as possible to normal and ensure that they will still be in place when things return to normal.

Though every business faces unique challenges, we’re gathering together reports and advice from as many of those companies as we can, in case you can read something that helps you…

A Hatzopoulos
Elef Kassianidis explains the challenges of keeping supply chains and internal operations running smoothly 

Rebecca Tunstall, marketing manager – Antalis Packaging explains how Antalis is helping with solutions for packing, protecting, storing, dispatching or transporting

Bishops Printers 
The Portsmouth-based commercial print and direct mail has adopted a ‘war-footing mentality’ 

CEO Jakob Mosser said that lead times on raw materials have already extended and that ethanol is getting harder to come by

Hamilton Adhesive Labels
Paul Larkin, operations director, pointed out that o
rders remain robust in areas affected by panic buying but have dropped off in areas that supply caterers, pubs and the like

Production and technical manager Vince Hughes outlines the measures the company has taken

Premier Paper
Managing director Dave Allen explains what his company is doing to maintain as normal a level of service as possible

Watershed Group
CEO Liz Waters explains why her team has been split into separate groups, why turnaround times are on the rise and why people are eating lunch in their cars

Xpress Labels
David Ross, managing director, Xpress Label talks serrated shifts and why he is taking things a day at a time




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