Key articles


Artwork to press

20 February 2019

All workflow software can take artwork in and output press-ready files but they all offer their own approach.

Unsung Heroes

19 February 2019

While many different parts of the flexographic printing process may vie for the title of leading role, there are also many others which play a…

Fantastic plastic

11 February 2019

As the packaging industry becomes more and more crowded, some film producers are pulling out all the stops to create plastic packaging that can be…

Teamwork makes the dream work

4 February 2019

Michal Lodej looks at how reprographic companies can help printers out of sticky situations, beyond selling plates.

Bringing out the decorations

30 January 2019

The rise embossing and foiling within the flexo industry is bringing a surge of exciting print and packaging to supermarket shelves. Helen Dugdale investigates.

When they go low, we go high

21 January 2019

While some companies look to offer more affordable alternatives, Soma has no such intention, preferring to focus on high quality machinery, with features to tackle…

Grab your coat

14 January 2019

Helen Dugdale looks at the growing inks and coatings market, and at the industry trends and consumers who want more than just functionality from their…

UV LED and photopolymer technology

3 January 2019

Photopolymer plate formulators, manufacturers and suppliers, often receive enquiries on emerging technologies and their impact on flexographic printing plate development. UV LED technology may be…

Scrubbing the cells

20 December 2018

The absence of good cleaning practice for anilox rollers will lead to the reduction of the available cell volume and difficulties in transferring the correct…

Time up for spot colours?

17 December 2018

Streamlining the printing process is essential today as many flexo print providers struggle with the market for shorter runs and faster delivery times, increasing the…

Money matters

5 December 2018

Acquiring a loan to finance technical improvements can help printers stay at the top of their game.

Trick up your sleeve

5 December 2018

Sleeves need to balance being strong and stable, with being lightweight for quick and easy changeovers, and for staff comfort.

Closing the loop

12 October 2018

Automatically regulating the flow of ink or coating is essential for achieving quality consistently, minimising material waste and makeready times, and boosting output.