Optimal anilox performance is the objective of a new partnership between Sandon Global and the UK-based cleaning materials supplier Draychem, which will see all of the latter’s products available through the anilox manufacturer.

Draychem’s products are formulated, it says, to deal with the efficient cleaning of anilox rolls, anilox sleeves and related machinery. It can provide a technical support package regarding dosing to Sandon anilox users, and a complete contracted package is also available.

Paul Mitchell, Sandon’s regional sales manager for the UK & Ireland, commented, ‘Every printer knows the adverse effect of poor anilox maintenance. Our high quality anilox, engineered for precision and consistency, combined with regular cleaning ensures that our customers can produce first class results on a long-term basis. For best-in-class anilox care we recommend regular cleaning followed by volume checking to achieve optimal anilox print performance, reduced press downtime and to minimise unnecessary waste.

‘At Draychem we solve problems with solutions,’ quipped Mike Lines, the company’s managing director. ‘We will continue to invest in the development of our anilox cleaning product portfolio to offer the highest quality and most effective products for the printing industry.’