Dantex Group and Polymount have announced a partnership that will see Dantex sell Polymount’s self-adhesive sleeve technology, which eliminates the need for double-sided plate mounting tape, to the label industry in the USA and certain territories in Europe.

Widely used in wide web flexo, the Polymount sleeves are a reusable and easy to clean solution that also has environmental benefits, according to the manufacturer. The product range has three different densities: soft (coloured white), used by packaging manufacturers to produce high quality vignettes on film, offering less bounce and therefore higher press speeds; medium (orange), the most popular and versatile of the sleeves, offering high quality printing for fine screens, lines and solids; and hard (black), which offers extra ink coverage. 

Jan W Boers, owner of The Netherlands based Polymount, said, ‘With Dantex’s emphasis on narrow web, I strongly believe that sustainable plate mounting, without using tape, will become the industry standard in flexo.’

Dantex Group CEO Ben Danon said the partnership between the two companies ‘marks the beginning of a long-term relationship that will deliver substantial benefits to our customers’. The Group will spearhead the promotion of the Polymount sleeves in European countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and the UK, as well as the US.