Apex International (Apex), manufacturer of anilox rollers, metering, and print maintenance solutions, has increased its global embossing offering following an investment in Schepers laser engraving technology, DigiLas5000, at its Hapert facility in the Netherlands.

Ruud Van Cuijk, CEO of Apex, said the machine can engrave anything from copper to steel up to 7m wide delivering a totally uniform pattern, and ensuring coverage for all its customer needs. With a maximum roller diameter of 600mm, the new machine is capable of engraving rollers that emboss material up to 3.4m in length – providing an ‘incredible’ throughput speed due to its large diameter – delivering efficiency gains to its customers, added Mr Van Cuijk.

Having recently expanded its Hapert facility to accommodate the new DigiLas5000, the technology also supports the growing demands the company faces in embossing and rotary screen production.

Mr Van Cuijk stated, ‘This investment is part of an ongoing planned programme of growth. Following recent acquisitions, embossing has the most synergy for our business. While it’s often difficult to find the optimum balance between speed, quality and cost, it was heartening to find eye-level partners like Schepers who share our values and believe in delivering a high-quality product with integrity and authenticity.’

Apex boosts embossing offering with investment in Schepers laser technology

The new Schepers DigiLas5000 expands Apex’s capabilities

Schepers CEO Carlo Schepers said, ‘The deal we have agreed here is a partnership. We have the same goals and the same approach to business as Apex, and we see our future in anilox so this is a perfect example of how we can all benefit from working together.’

He continued, ‘This acquisition is not just about the technology, it’s about the application of that technology, and how it can be maximised. We don’t just drop off a machine and leave a customer to get on with it – we work together to build up the knowledge and ensure they are getting the absolute most from their investment.’

According to Mr Van Cuijk, the business for embossing is growing exponentially, an area the company has addressed with the recent installation. Following its success, Apex will look to roll this offering out to its other manufacturing plants across the globe, he concluded.