Flexo print technology manufacturer UPrint Technologies is set to unveil its latest product, the MultiClick automatic flexo plate washer, at US trade show Infoflex 2024 in May.

Key features of the MultiClick include an automatic flexo plate cleaning solution which enables up to 30 large format flexo plates in different plate sizes, up to 110 x 65in, to be cleaned in any desired order without operator intervention. UPrint says the system also safely produces an optimal, repeatable, sustainable and fully controllable cleaning result. By reducing detergent and water consumption, the system maximises the plates’ life cycle, making them more sustainable. Also described as a key benefit is its consistency, as the printing plates come out completely clean and dry, ready to be stored or re-used.

The MultiClick is also said to provide unparalleled efficiency, minimal operator intervention and compliance with the latest industrial standards, health and environmental regulations.

Edward Scheppink, UPrint’s chief executive officer said, ‘This groundbreaking technology represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing customers with the best flexo solutions in the market.’

Infoflex 2024 takes place in Kansas City, Missouri, from 5 to 8 May.