Barcelona-based Magnegraf and sister company Prepack, based in Murcia, has described Miraclon’s Shine LED Lamp Kit as ‘simple, smart, cost-effective and 100% reliable,’ following a retrofit upgrade to its existing fluorescent exposure frames.

Magnegraf is a company that focuses on narrow-web label applications and Prepack serves customers with wide-web packaging.

Juan Mesa, manager of Magnegraf and Prepack, said the Shine LED has provided the companies with a ‘low-cost’, ‘easy-to-install’ path from fluorescent exposure to the benefits of LED exposure. He added, ‘For me the most important benefit of switching has been the consistent, repeatable exposures that come with the Shine LED Lamp Kit. We have built our business on guaranteeing customers high-quality Flexcel NX Plates, and Shine LED makes this even easier.’

Mr Mesa further stated, ‘Fluorescent tubes fluctuate, so we regularly had to check plate exposure against the target plate. On a 10-hour shift we might have to adjust exposure and reprofile the unit three or four times. With Shine LED, the quality control almost takes care of itself.’

Magnegraf had installed the Flexcel NX technology in 2010, and the same technology at Prepack when it opened in 2018. Today, both companies have identical Flexcel NX Wide 4260 systems, and both fitted its exposure units with a Shine LED Lamp Kit. Mr Mesa described this benefit as giving both companies ‘production flexibility’ in being able to switch jobs between both sites with consistent exposure. Both companies are 100% Flexcel NX plate producers.

Mr Mesa concluded, ‘We looked at other routes to move to LED exposure, but they called for very significant investment and fundamental changes to how we work. In contrast, Shine LED is lower cost and means we can keep our existing units.’