Flint Group has released HexaCode, a water-based ink range for corrugated board, paper bags, shopping bags and gift wrap. 

The company developed the inks in order to deliver improved quality with high print definition and colour strength, allowing for the printing of a wider range of colours. The range also provides improved pH and viscosity stability, optimised resolubility, a reduction in process stops, less time with on-press maintenance and increased uptime.

‘In 2018, Flint Group set out on a journey to develop a best in class water-based product range for our global paper and board markets,’ said Paul Winstanley, technology director, paper and board. ‘Combining expert knowledge from around the world, we’ve created a new product platform that’s built on the latest industry leading technology.’

‘HexaCode offers improvements in key areas identified by our customers,’ added Kari Raassina, product director, paper and board. ‘Notable improvements have been documented in wash up, coverage, mileage, mechanical resistance and tonal printing.’