As we all know it has become almost impossible to escape news about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Though all of us eagerly await the day when we have headlines about something else, businesses throughout print need to stay in the loop. All of us have justifiable concerns about cashflow, taxes, supply chains, staffing and more. Uncertainty and confusion are a real threat to all organisations, how can you operate smoothly if you are wondering about invoice payments, overstocking and saturation, even potential insolvency.

That’s why Whitmar (publisher of Digital Printer, FlexoTech and Digital Labels & Packaging) has collected as much print specific information as possible and put it in one place for the industry to use.

In the pages listed below we aim to provide clarity about what is happening, official policies and legislation. We want to offer guidance and support and, where possible, certainty. We can’t wave a magic wand and make this all go away but we can offer news and, just as important, updates on the people and companies doing great things to make sure we come out of this crisis stronger than ever.

The New Normal
We asked leading figures from across Flexo how this crisis has affected them and what they think the industry will look like after the pandemic is over.

The New Normal – Packaging Providers
In the second part of our series we asked key individuals from leading packaging providers how this crisis has changed the way they do business.

Careers During a Crisis
What are governments across the West doing to protect the economy in general, and small businesses such as print shops, from the impact of the Coronavirus?

Governments and the Economy 
What is the Treasury doing to protect the economy in general, and small businesses such as print shops, from the impact of the Coronavirus?

Reactions and statements
We’ve gathered the responses made and statement issued by trade associations, industry bodies and leading companies in one place for your convenience

What companies are doing
Whether its policies companies are implementing to keep workers safe, balance sheets healthy supply chains flowing or anything else, we’ll keep you up to date

For understandable reasons a whole raft of industry events have been postponed, suspended or rescheduled. Make sure you know when your favourite event is now taking place

Good News
Even amidst all the difficult news surrounding the Coronavirus there are still pleasing stories about the great work, selfless acts and general generosity of people working in print.

Lockdown Updates 
What are countries around the world doing in terms of easing their lockdowns and getting their economies moving again? The latest updates from Europe and further afield.