Steve Mulcahy, CEO of prepress company Contact Originators, has been named as the new chair of the board at FIA UK, the UK’s flexo industry association.

Announced at the association’s annual awards on 20 June, Mr Mulcahy takes over from Andy Wilson, to whom he paid tribute for laying ‘excellent groundwork’ that would be built upon. FIA UK said Mr Mulcahy brings a ‘fresh vision and deep industry expertise’ to the role, which will help to steer its long-term strategy and direction.

‘Being entrusted with this role by the FIA UK board is a significant responsibility, and I’m committed to ensuring that we continue to support our members effectively,’ said Mr Mulcahy. ‘The UK flexographic industry must not only keep pace with global standards but also set new benchmarks of its own in quality, innovation and sustainability. This begins with hard work from industry bodies, and it’s a challenge we’ll gladly rise to.’

The association plays a key role in advocating for the flexo sector, promoting technical development and enhancing education and training. Its initiatives aim ensure the UK ‘remains at the forefront of the worldwide flexographic printing industry’.