Aiming to improve quality, shorten lead times and enable greater flexibility to meet customer needs, Emsur Saymopack has installed the latest generation Esko platemaking equipment at its Valencia plant in Spain.

This equipment includes the combination of CDI Crystal, XPS Crystal and Print Control Wizard, providing the ‘highest’ quality and consistency of plates in the industry, explained the company.

Alejandro García de Viedma, technical director of Emsur, commented, ‘This new system increases our response capacity, allowing us to be more flexible in the market and adapt to the changing needs of our customers. It is a big step forward for our Valencia plant.’

The Esko system is said to boast high quality and plate consistency, with a clean gradient and higher contrast images with less dot stitching and more robust dot brights, even during long jobs and repetitions. This, along with its high level of automation, improves production efficiency, reducing response times and allowing greater flexibility in the execution of highly demanding jobs, said Esko.

The XPS Crystal flexo exposure unit has achieved certifications from GreenCircle, an internationally recognised external certification entity. In addition, Esko claims the XPS Crystal has achieved complete elimination of hazardous waste during its lifetime.

José Herráez, general director of Emsur, said the capacity to increase quality and consistency while improving lead times is a significant achievement.