Saica Group, packaging solutions provider, and Mondelez, consumer goods manufacturer, have joined forces to launch a new paper-based product targeted to multipacks-products for the confectionery, biscuits and chocolate markets.

The new paper- based packaging is designed to be recyclable in the paper waste stream and its suitable for heat sealable packing processes, with the option to be produced coated or uncoated depending on the desired final appearance.

During the development of the project, focus was placed on the conversion and Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packing processes to optimise and ensure a high printing quality, optimal functionality, and ease-of-use for machine-packing lines.

The product has been developed to meet the sustainability standards set by the Confederation of European Paper (CEPI).

This initiative is part of Mondelez International’s efforts to pack ‘light and right’ in service of its global sustainable packaging goals. By 2025 the company aims to reduce virgin plastic in rigid plastic by at least 25% and in all plastic packaging by 5%. Mondelez has already reduced packaging materials by 72,600 metric tonnes at the end of 2022 and aims to make 98% of packaging designed to be recyclable by 2025, claimed the company.

Like Mondelez, Saica is transitioning towards a circular economy, setting a series of ambitious targets in resource efficiency, circularity of materials, climate neutrality, and zero littering.

More specifically, the flexible packaging business unit has committed to a 100% recyclable flexible packaging portfolio; at least, 5% in weight of post-consumer recycled content in its products; reduce 20% in weight of plastic content and to have 15% in weight of all this packaging made of paper structures. All targets aiming to be achieved by 2025.

Miguel Angel Dora, General Manager at Saica Flex, commented, ‘We believe that packaging sustainability is a very serious challenge that required our full commitment and far-reaching collaborations with companies equally committed, like Mondelez.

‘Our ambition to make Saica’s flexible monomaterial structures, including paper, is a key aspect to achieve all these goals. We hope that, by 2025, 100% of our flexible packaging offer is recyclable so that we can contribute towards a truly circular economy,’ he added.