The two-day annual conference of the Italian Technical Association for Flexography (ATIF) in Milan in November drew high attendance numbers, according to the association, with 750 attendees present across the event. The success confirmed the ‘desire to be there’ of the flexo community, it said.

FlexoDay 2023 was the 16th such annual conference for ATIF. On the first day, there were sessions on the economic outlook, FTA Europe’s European Test Form project, and a roundtable on the ongoing work related to the EU PPWR packaging regulations. The day concluded with an interview with Pierluigi Gava, CEO of Cartotecnica Postumia, who also holds a number of industry positions, including on the ATIF and Assografici boards.

Day Two began with a speech by ATIF president Marco Gambardella, followed by technical presentations on quality control tools, extended colour gamut printing, and water-based inks. Main event sponsors Rossini, Uteco and Z-Due also spoke.

The event closed with the presentation of the Best Student in Flexo award, supported by I&C-Gama, and won by Alessandro Somaini of IIS Da Vinci Ripamonti of Como.