A new reject function has been introduced for Baumer hhs’s CorrBox system for applying and monitoring adhesives in corrugated packaging production on flexo folder gluers (FFG). The Bundle 24 function enables defective boxes to be ejected automatically, bringing ‘zero-defect’ packaging production one step closer, according to Baumer.

Users can utilise any common ejector on the market, with defective boxes being identified, marked downstream of glue control, and then tracked with the help of three light barriers, up to the end of the FFG machine’s counting station. Here a signal is triggered to the ejector to automatically remove bundles with defective boxes. The company said that customers do not have to interrupt production and can allow the machine to keep running at full speed, and that they do not need to colour code the bottom box in each bundle, thereby reducing waste.

‘The new Bundle 24 function is fully integrated in our Xtend3 controller, making the CorrBox solution even more attractive to customers, because it takes them one step closer to zero-defect packaging production,’ said Andreas Schneiders, corrugated business development manager at Baumer hhs. ‘Our solution does not need expensive camera systems for the ejector signal. In short, quality control in flexo folder gluer processes, with the aim of zero-defect production, has never been so easy and efficient.’