Saica Group has made a substantial order for new corrugated printing and processing machinery from Koenig & Bauer Celmacch, with six new lines set to go into production progressively, starting from summer 2024.

The expansion of the company will see four ChromaCut X Pro lines being installed in England, Portugal, France and Italy, while two Chroma HighTech systems will be delivered to different locations in Spain.

Although each of the specified machines have different configurations, Saica Group said that short set-up times through quick job changeover and automation, as well as simple and intuitive use, were the common requirements for each.

The ChromaCut X Pro systems can process corrugated sheets with a maximum width of 2.8m, and include register control and post-print inspection, as well as a new pre-settable rotary cutter. The Chroma HighTechs will have a maximum sheet width of 2.1m, along with cliché changing during production, automatic anilox cylinder changing and “Zero Defects” technology. One of the systems to be installed at Saica Group will additionally have single-pass inside-outside printing capability to increase efficiency and reduce production costs.

‘We are one of the biggest corrugated-cardboard producers in Europe and we want, of course, to grow further, but at the same time we want to forge ahead with our quality and automation in the different sites,’ said Herve Dehaynin, technical co-ordinator at Saica Group.