Corrugated and flexo technology supplier LeadEdge Flexo has launched its 347 Plate Sealer, developed, it says, to improve and unlock additional production efficiencies in corrugated post-print.

During plate mounting, the new product helps secure plates in place on the shim more rapidly, quickly creating a protective barrier to prevent debris and fluids disrupting the mounting process. The sealer also speeds up the hanging and stacking of print stereos (plates), thereby optimising production efficiency, according to LeadEdge.

The company describes 347 Plate Sealer as the ‘fastest-drying plate sealer available on the market’, forming a skin in 3 minutes and 47 seconds – hence the name. It has been created in response to customer feedback for a faster drying solution. Compared to its previous version, drying in 20-30 minutes, the 347’s formula seals quicker due to a faster chemical reaction with the air.

LeadEdge highlights print stereos as a specific area in corrugated post-print where there remains potential to make efficiency improvements, and 347 Plate Sealer is intended to help make such an improvement.

LeadEdge Flexo sales director, Jon Moore, explained, ‘Knowledge of the printing process is one of the pillars of our success and enables new-found levels of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to be realised by our customers. Plate sealers are a part of that and is an area where we can help make genuine gains.

‘This new product is the solution for those frustrated by the slow drying times of plate sealers. The 347 Plate Sealer promises to help the flexo industry reach new levels of production efficiency.’