Foil supplier Foilco has partnered with Reflex Label Plus, design agency Graphic Brands and die maker Dreyer Kliche on a range of labels that showcase the impact of blacklight reactive foiled finishes for labels and packaging.

‘Alive By Night’ comprises five designs inspired by neo-punk and retro aesthetics, intended to inspire the creative industry to ‘look beyond their current design boundaries and explore more creative ideas and finishes’.

The labels utilise four of Foilco’s fluorescent foils (Club Pink, House Orange, Smiley Yellow and Trance Green) and a clear UV foil (Clubbers Transparent) which, when exposed to UV light, emit a glow that makes them standout for use in places such as nightclubs, bars and other venues with low lighting.

‘We have already seen considerable interest in ‘Alive By Night’ from brands looking to connect with a more experimental audience,’ said Terry Cole, creative director at Graphic Brands. ‘These labels offer a new way to engage with consumers and create a memorable brand experience.’

The labels were printed by Reflex Label Plus using a Nilpeter FA22 12-colour flexo-combination press with an inline Pantech Rhino stamping unit.

Shaun Hanson, site manager of Reflex Label Plus in Keighley, commented, ‘The labels are designed to withstand plenty of handling, maintaining their bold and vibrant look for as long as possible, meaning that irrespective of the busy handling demands of a bar, consumers can still enjoy seeing their favourite spirits without worrying about the label fading or peeling over time.’