Beta-Point, a Polish print company based in Bydgoszcz, has purchased an eight-colour Mark Andy Evolution E3 flexo press which the company says will allow it to offer its customers ‘a completely new range of high-quality products.’

Beta-Point was established by husband-and-wife team Piotr Pohnke and Beata Hoffmann-Pohnke back in 2009. They opted for the new E3 press because of its green credentials as well as  its ability to produce special, multi-colour labels and a wider product mix that could attract new business partners and allow Beta-Point to explore completely new markets both in Poland and abroad.

Mr Pohnke explained, ‘We track the market very closely to understand our customers’ requirements and expectations and have made our investments step by step to ensure we could offer new and interesting solutions.

‘We realised many years ago that Mark Andy presses were way ahead of the competitors who had traditionally dominated the market, and noticed the increasing number of their global installations, including among our competitors in Poland. This made Mark Andy a serious option when we began planning our latest investment in a flexo press.’

Mrs Hoffmann-Pohnke added, ‘We started our business producing logistics labels and have built the brand with streamlined production and on-time deliveries, as well as attractive designs for our colour labels. We work hard to maintain the highest standards in terms of punctuality, co-operation, and consistent quality of labels. Our customers appreciate this approach, especially when they see the effort we put into ongoing development.’

Recent projects and investments have fitted this trend, and the new Mark Andy E3 allows the company to print large volumes of special multi-colour labels as well as introduce special products like peel-off, laminated labels, and wrappers. Mrs Hoffmann-Pohnke concluded, ‘We have been observing trends in different market areas for some time, so were very keen to offer multi-colour labels in a completely new, higher quality. We wanted them to be interesting and modern to represent the highest standards. After analysing offers from Mark Andy and its competitors, we decided that the E3 using UV inks and the new UV curing system, would be the best option for us.’