Creation Reprographics has helped UK-based flexible packaging and label printer OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group go solvent-free in its print operations.

Specifically, Creation, which partners with printers across the flexible packaging and label sectors for their origination and workflow needs, has helped OPM adopt Asahi Photoproducts’ water-washable plate technology in the form of its AWP DEW range of plates that incorporate Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer. These plates are said to have boosted the speed and quality of OPM’s output whilst also removing VOCs from the equation. Additionally, the plates can be processed without the high temperatures required for classic polymer plates.

Susan Ellison, joint owner and chief disrupter at OPM, said, ‘Despite our strong market position, our team is never comfortable resting on its laurels – we always look to improve and develop our sustainable operations. Partnering with Creation makes it simple for us. We know that the materials and technologies it offers are truly value adding, and the Asahi AWP plate range is a perfect example.

‘For our brand customers across the flexible packaging and label markets, ‘green’ production is essential, but cannot come at the cost of quality and performance. With the support of our partners at Creation, we can hit new heights of sustainability, while significantly quickening the make-ready and delivering the print quality that wows every time. The best part is that we don’t need to make concessions or compromises at any point. With Creation, we get everything we need from a responsible reprographics partner – and more.’

As part of its ongoing work with OPM, Creation has also delivered fully-integrated digital workflows in the form of Esko Automation Engine and Tharsten MIS.

Creation Reprographics managing director Matt Francklow said, ‘We’re proud to have worked with the talented OPM team for over seven years, and it’s been fantastic to watch their sustainability journey and to play our part. OPM is a business that understands its responsibility to the world around us and always looks to reduce its environmental footprint wherever possible – just like ourselves.

‘OPM has a hard-earned reputation for real innovation in the flexible packaging and label sectors; it’s a leader and has never been a ‘me too’ printer. Because of this, the Asahi AWP range we have provided makes a very natural fit for its operations. The plate dares printers to think bigger and view sustainability differently. Straight away, the OPM team found that switching to solvent-free plates improved quality, registration and print resolution. It echoes the message we’re giving to the print and packaging sector – sustainability doesn’t have to be a compromise. The plates we offer don’t just underpin a more sustainable supply chain, they’re top of the class in terms of quality and performance.’