Albanian printer, Albdesign, has purchased its first MPS flexo press choosing a six-colour EFS 430 designed for label production and flexible packaging printing on various substrates.

‘As the availability of local printers that provide high-quality labels is limited, Albdesign is looking to tap into this market by expanding their capabilities in label printing and flexible packaging,’ said Sasa Papic from Flexypack Doo Subotica, the MPS local representative in Albania. ‘With reliable support from MPS and their advanced press capabilities, we could offer our customer the best solution with the EFS 430 press. It is not only a machine sale; we are helping Albdesign increase competitive strength and further expand their business growth in label and flexible package printing.’

Elvis Sula, CEO of Albdesign said, ‘In Albania, imported labels and flexible packaging exceed the local production 6 to 10 times. Therefore, it is important to us to offer high quality, locally printed products to our customers. After comparing various flexo printing presses, we chose MPS because of their strong reputation here as a high-performance supplier. We believe this additional press will strengthen our market position as a higher quality label  and packaging printer.’