Russian printer MDM-Flex has installed a 10-colour, fully automated MPS EFA 340 flexo press enabling the company to speed up production and focus on high quality printing.

MDM-Flex’s new press includes an automated print control system, UV dryers, capabilities for thin monofilm printing and several converting options positioned on the rail system. Leading the sale was Anton Zhukov, MPS regional sales director and MPS representative in Russia, Ogard.

‘To take advantage of evolving technologies, upgrading our printing facilities and replacing our existing flexo presses with newer ones that can print faster and more efficiently was our key focus since 2019,’ said Alexander Anfimov, MDM-Flex managing director. ‘Technological capabilities, a well-known brand name, positive reviews from printers, favourable price and high quality service were our criteria for choosing a new press. How it would print on thin films and extensible substrates was also extremely important to us. After in-depth research and machine test experiences, we decided on the MPS EFA 340.’

Mr Anfimov explained, ‘Availability of high-quality service in Russia is really critical. When printing problems arise, the cost is significant. Our concern is who provides the service and how quickly the issue will be resolved. After visiting three printers in Russia with MPS presses, their very positive feedback gave us the confidence to choose in favour of MPS. We’ve since experienced their high level of service during the installation of our new press — the support from both MPS and Ogard fully met our expectations.’ 

‘MDM-Flex is a highly reputable printing house in their region,’ said Mr Zhukov. ‘They are extremely focused on providing the best solutions and productivity to their customers. Their new MPS EFA 340 flexo press enables MDM-Flex to maximize press performance resulting in faster and more efficient printing. We are pleased to fulfil all their necessary criteria of a new printing press and look forward to a long-term partnership.’

‘Soon after the installation of our new MPS press, we experienced the benefits of its technologies and capabilities for automation and productivity,’ concluded Mr Anfimov. ‘The machine definitely prints quickly and the automated print settings make it much easier for our press operators. Most importantly, job changeover is faster, and thanks to automatic register and pre-register, our production speed has doubled, even tripled. This is exciting progress for us.’