(L-R) Biagio Derosa, sales manager, Esko and Vincenzo Consalvo, CEO, InciFlex

Italian reprohouse Inci.Flex has become the first operation to automate its flexo platemaking process with Esko’s new CDI Crystal 5080 XPS. 

The CDI Crystal 5080 XPS has been designed for fast plate turnaround to meet increasing demand for product versioning. The flexo platemaking system uniquely and simultaneously exposes both sides of a flexo plate using UV LED heads. It also combines imaging and exposing, reducing the number of manual steps and operator time, and facilitating faster access to plates.

Vincenzo Consalvo, CEO and owner, Inci.Flex, said, ‘We know [the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS] will also allow us to deliver a highly automated process. That goal has always been of key interest to Inci.Flex. We are always looking for ways to reduce human error that benefit the whole operation as well as shortening our production cycle time.’

The system has been designed to address the over-riding market pressures driven by smaller lot sizes and a growing number of SKUs. The unit’s ease of job management is enhanced with Automation Engine’s new Device Manager. This allows operators to see the status of jobs, enabling the pre-press department to prioritise and manipulate queues for the imaging device.