(L-R) LTI’s Jim Baker with Donnie Hopkins of JDH, and Vetaphone’s Ted Wolski  


Labels, Tags & Inserts (LTI) has switched to Vetaphone for surface treatment on its Mark Andy presses. The family owned business in Burlington NC currently operates six Mark Andy flexo lines, from two- up to nine-colours, as well as one of the manufacturer’s new entry-level Digital One toner presses.

With the company looking to grow its business in the shrink sleeve sector, LTI is targeting local craft breweries and similar enterprises that do not have the resources to print direct onto cans, but still require high quality graphics for the product. Short lead times on small runs requires reliability at every point in the production line.

Facilities manager Jim Baker commented, ‘One key advantage is that we can now run as fast as we want, without the corona treater creating a production bottleneck. We are seriously considering changing the nearly new treater on the first P7 to a Vetaphone unit.’

Commenting that the Vetaphone VE1A units are easy to clean and maintain with their slide out cartridges, Mr Baker also praises the design that separates the power unit from the treater station. ‘We have always had major condensation problems here when the weather is humid – the Vetaphone iCorona generator has a slow-start up mechanism that avoids this, and being separate from the treater, there are no cut-out or corrosion issues.’