Coveris, manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, has released its latest innovation, MonoFlex Fibre, offering a paper-based range of flexible packaging that delivers high shelf-impact and recyclability within existing paper streams.

‘As part of our ‘No Waste’ strategy, Coveris’ focus is on selecting the most eco-efficient and high-performing packaging for each product, rather than simply deciding between paper or plastic. By expanding our portfolio to include paper-based options and reducing plastic usage in packaging for items needing external protection, we aim to offer customers the best solution aligned with their brand vision and product requirements,’ explained Melinda Bonamour, market development director paper flexibles at Coveris.

The new packaging range is divided into two categories: MonoFlex Fibre Pure, which is a single layer of functional paper, and MonoFlex Fibre, a multilayer structure with maximised paper share. Coveris presents several subcategories within each, both for primary and secondary packaging, offering sealing and barrier properties. Additionally, transitioning to the paper-based structure will not require major changes in the existing machine park of its customers, and has proved to be efficient and fast on common packing lines, explained Coveris.

Outlined by the company, each specification offers the right level of protection and barrier properties, whilst being fully recyclable in the existing paper stream. Available as pre-made bags and FFS solutions, the MonoFlex Fibre product range offers barrier properties against grease, moisture, oxygen, light and mineral oils. The paper-based packaging also strengthens brand visibility on-shelf with ‘excellent’ printability in roto, flexo and digital printing.

Ms Bonamour concluded, ‘We aim to meet the needs of primary and secondary packaging for brands in various sectors such as dry food, tea, confectionery, fresh produce, biscuits, frozen food and dried pet food, by providing both full paper and recyclable paper/plastic structures. We are confident that these new solutions will be the go-to-resource for producers seeking recyclable and effective paper packaging options.’