Packaging solutions provider Parkside has enhanced its Recoflex range of sustainable flexible packaging materials, with a new recyclable metallised barrier paper, offering heat sealability, ‘impressive’ printability, and ‘excellent’ barrier performance.

The Recoflex range of recyclable paper-based solutions, was launched earlier in the year and includes Parkside’s freezerproof paper material (first commercialised last year), two configurations of Recoflex Translucent, a translucent barrier paper plus a flow-wrap solution for ambient food and non-food applications, and a high barrier performance paper.

The new metallised barrier paper meets customer demands for a metallised material which offers functionality, performance, and operational efficiency, said Steve Hallford, new product development technologist at Parkside. The product can be converted on form, fill, and seal (FFS) and flow wrap packing lines, and is ideal for many food and non-food applications, from coffee and snacks to healthcare products, according to Parkside. It is also compatible with current UK recycling infrastructure.

‘The most exciting thing about Recoflex has always been its potential for further growth and innovation,’ explained Mr Hallford. ‘We’re delighted to be able to add to the options our customers can explore with the launch of our recyclable metallised paper.’

He added that a drive to continue improving access to recyclable flexible packaging will mean further growth of the Recoflex range in future.