Flexo press manufacturer MPS Systems has appointed Sebastian Bolingbroke as its new UK sales manager, a former operator of MPS presses himself.

Mr Bolingbroke brings with him a background in print and production management, which it is hoped will help bring a fresh perspective for both customers and MPS itself.

He said, ‘I have worked closely with MPS for many years, and MPS has proved itself to be a leader in technology, innovation, and print performance. Their machines stand out in the market.’

Reflecting on his professional journey, Mr Bolingbroke said, ‘I started my career as a printer running MPS machines but had a goal to help improve the system of production, so I moved into production management.’

Mr Bolingbroke said he is looking forward to meeting industry leaders and experts, helping them overcome daily challenges with innovative solutions.

‘What I love most about working in our industry is that it never stops evolving and innovating. Every day offers new challenges. My goal is to maximise the potential of both me and the business, ensuring I help the team to be as successful as possible,’ he concluded.