Ink manufacturer Nazdar has announced that chief strategy officer Shaun Pan has become its chief commercial officer, in recognition, it says, of his ‘outstanding contributions’ to the company’s strategic planning, marketing activity, leadership skills and vision for its future.

In his new role, Mr Pan will oversee all aspects of Nazdar’s commercial operations, including sales, marketing and business development. Key business segment leaders will report directly to him, which Nazdar said will ‘ensure a unified and coordinated approach’ to commercial activity.

Richard Bowles, president and CEO at Nazdar, commented, ‘Shaun’s excellent contributions to Nazdar over the last year and his previous record of successes throughout his career make us confident he will continue to bring great success to the future of Nazdar.’

Nazdar manufactures flexographic, screen and digital inkjet printing inks, as well as distributing printing supplies worldwide.