New recyclable metallised papers designed for flexible packaging applications have been launched by Spanish manufacturer Lecta.

Metalvac Seal and Metalvac Barrier WV draw upon Lecta’s expertise in direct high-vacuum metallization, and are part of an ongoing project that is also developing metallised papers with oxygen barrier and high grease resistance, without the use of fluorinated elements.

Metalvac Seal is suitable for flexible packaging applications such as flowpacks, sachets, envelopes and wrappers for non-food products, as well as food products that do not require a specific barrier. The functional metallised paper has heat-sealing properties on the back.

Metalvac Barrier WV, meanwhile, has heat-sealing and barrier properties against water vapour, light and a certain level of grease. It is suitable for non-food flexible packaging products as above, as well as food products such as confectionery, coffee, tea and powdered products. It is heat-sealable on the metallised interior side, and printable on the exterior side, through flexo, gravure and offset processes.