A software collaboration between Comexi, the flexo printing, converting and laminating technology manufacturer, and Re:, a tech start-up in the field of digital solutions for the plastics extrusion and packaging sector, will give plastic processors and packaging producers more digitally connected shopfloors, offering ‘unprecedented optimisation potential’.

The two companies have developed the ‘Comexi-to-c.Hub package’, which draws on Re:’s c.Hub Middleware, enabling the bringing together and exchanging of data from machines such as printing presses, converting equipment and cast or sheet extrusion lines. It uses, says Re:, the ‘most commonly used data protocols on the market’, allowing it to understand data from third party equipment.

Comexi press users will be able to view and analyse data from the press in real time and correlate it with other data from the production process. In theory, this could facilitate greater analytical capabilities and decision making.

Speaking for RE:, which is part of the Reifenhäuser Group, director for product and operations Daniel Kajan said, ‘By integrating their conversion operations with the c.Hub Middleware, our customers will achieve unparalleled operational effectiveness, sharper decision making and a strong competitive advantage in a fast-paced market.’