European packaging and labelling material manufacturer Herma has announced the launch of a new self-adhesive label material that it says combines sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Herma rPE white rv PE film (grade 857) consists of 50% post-consumer recycled material, 50% new plastic, but is priced at a level that ‘almost corresponds’ to a conventional standard PE film. The manufacturer says its glossy, corona-pre-treated surface results in good print quality in all conventional printing processes, while its flexibility lends itself to easy application on curved surfaces.

The film incorporates the adhesive 62Xpc, giving it ‘far above-average’ adhesive properties. Resistant to moisture, soaps and oils, the product is particularly suitable for product labels in the personal care, cosmetics and household products sectors.

‘This new film is therefore an absolutely competitive option for standard applications in every respect, but with the advantage that it is more sustainable than conventional materials,’ said Hendrik Kehl, product manager at Herma.