Mondi, a global player in sustainable paper and packaging, is upgrading its Dynäs pulp and paper mill in Sweden. The modernisation programme will increase efficiency and improve the overall environmental performance of the mill, positioning it well to continue meeting demand for sustainable paper and paper-based packaging.

The Dynäs mill produces sack and speciality kraft papers, used for a variety of paper-based packaging options for industrial and consumer industries, and is an important facet of Mondi’s flexible packaging business. The project includes the installation and upgrade of machinery and equipment such as a new cooking plant and bark boiler, which will improve the mill’s energy efficiency. Mondi has claimed that the upgrades will reduce air and water emissions, and result in better wood utilisation at the mill.

Roman Senecky, COO Mondi Kraft Paper, commented, ‘The modernisation programme at Dynäs represents a significant investment in the future of this well-established mill. By producing sustainable sack and speciality kraft paper, we continue to contribute to our MAP2030 goals and meet customer demand with innovative solutions such as Advantage StretchWrap, an alternative to plastic film pallet wrapping, and Advantage MF EcoComp, used for high strength packaging like paper bags for wet organic household waste. The mill supplies paper across Europe and plays an important role in the local community.’