UK label printer Bristol Labels has invested in its first flexo press, adding to its existing digital printing capabilities, and targeting a rapid doubling of its turnover.

The six-colour Edale FL1 Prime is a highly automated 350mm-wide press with a screen module and camera-based EZ reg registration technology. As well as CMYK the press will print white, clear and silver, optional spot colours and varnish.  

Describing the quality possible just with CMYK as ‘astonishing’, Bristol Labels’ managing director Ben Stokes said the press was ‘what we needed for the brands we are working with’. ‘There are many reasons why we chose Edale, the quality of the press being the most obvious,’ Mr Stokes continued. ‘I have been wanting to make this investment for over two years, and when I finally opened the conversation, their enthusiasm matched mine.’

Bristol Labels specialises in producing labels for the food and drinks industry but prides itself on its ability to produce labels for any product or application. After contacting Edale in 2022, the company conducted a trial print job and sent its print operators for training on the flexo technology.

Louise Bailey, business development manager at Edale, commented, ‘We were very happy to run Bristol Labels’ trials here at Edale and get their print operators involved early in the process. It’s important for us to show first-hand the technology available.’