Anilox roller manufacturer Apex International has announced the acquisition of embossing specialists Keller Dorian and Panhuizen – a move that brings Apex into the embossing sector for the first time.

By combining the expertise of master embossing craftsmen with its own laser research and development, Apex said that it can now offer embossing customers an improved laser system, providing designs with greater form, clarity, and ability to carry out innovative techniques that would have never been possible before. It is now able to also offer an end-to-end service to customers who previously would have had to work with several suppliers to carry out the various embossing techniques.

Apex chairman Ken Ralton said, ‘Apex has for years recognized the global demand for a single source supplier that can offer all the different embossing technologies under one roof. This acquisition gives us more opportunities to offer innovation, technology, and value to embossing clients from around the world. Having identified the global demand for Keller Dorian and Panhuizen’s products, Apex has invested over $20million in the past 18 months as we work to meet demand and continue to be a leader in cutting-edge embossing technology.’

Keller Dorian and Panhuizen will now fall under the Apex Embossing name.