Esko and GMG have partnered up to deliver a new connection between GMG OpenColor, and Esko’s native prepress editing software, ArtPro+.

The connector will be launched in November 2022. The collaboration brings the two companies together to meet the demand for highly automated and globally connected colour management solutions.

Creating a smoother colour conversion process for packaging and label printers, trade shops and premedia houses, the new ArtPro+ GMG OpenColor Connector enhances the data exchange between the two solutions. According to the company, this integration ensures uninterrupted file processing and colour conversion, without losing mission-critical metadata between systems – allowing both solutions to operate at their best.

Geert de Proost, director of product management at Esko, said, ‘Colour management is a complex process and hugely important because there is no single quality standard that you can work with. Therefore, it has been hugely satisfying to have collaborated on this project with GMG and bring our respective customers a solid data connection between our two leading solutions.

‘The manual reseparation of images and artwork to match brands’ colour accuracy demands can be a laborious and error-prone process. But by automating the reseparation using GMG OpenColor technology, via the unique integration with Esko ArtPro+, prepress professionals can now accurately visualise colour in before-and-after states and assess colour deviations on-screen with precise Delta E readouts.’

Rainer Schmitt, head of product development at GMG, said, ‘Esko and GMG have a shared goal of delivering fully integrated digital workflow and colour management solutions. A better integration of GMG technology inside Esko solutions is one of the most often reported requests from our joint customers.

‘Focusing on a friction-less user experience by connecting Esko ArtPro+ and GMG OpenColor, our partnership is starting with a great deal of value for our customers. GMG and Esko will continue to search for areas of collaboration to further simplify our customers’ workflows.’


The new connector will deliver wide ranging benefits for customers using ArtPro+ and GMG OpenColor, including:

  • The creation of a standardised and automated process for colour matching and reseparation of multi-colour image and vector data, eliminating manual work, reducing the risk of errors and saving up to 60 minutes of operator time per job
  • As ArtPro+ can modify colours, it is now simple and quick to add file edits after conversion for Multi Colour Process Printing
  • Enhanced colour precision on press through standardising colour conversion using GMG’s enhanced spectral colour technology
  • The ability to retain mission-critical metadata to deliver a seamless and highly efficient prepress workflow
  • Increased flexibility for printers through rapid and precise prepress setup, thereby reducing pressure on time and resources