Toyo-Morton has updated its laminating adhesives portfolio with food-safe products that are free of epoxy silanes and organic tin compounds.

All products in the line-up conform to global food contact regulations for adhesives, such as the EU No.10/2011, U.S. FDA 175.105, China GB 9685-2016 and Japan’s Notification No. 196. The renewed line-up includes both the solvent-based Tomoflex and the solvent-free Ecoad series of laminating adhesives that are suitable for a wide range of multilayer flexible packaging applications, such as dry food, liquid pouch and high-performance retort. This includes the Ecoad EA-N6008 for liquid pouches and the EA-N6001 for dry food applications. Under the Tomoflex brand: TM-2470 is specially formulated for liquid pouch applications like soups, frozen foods, pickled foods and noodles; TM-3040 is suitable for contents such as the dry food packaging of snack foods, candies and pet foods; and the TM-2300 aliphatic system is designed with high-performance retort applications in mind, and is suitable for high-temperature retort pouch laminating structures according to US FDA 177.1390.

Epoxy silane is commonly used as an adhesion promoter in multilayer flexible packaging structures, helping to protect packaged content and extend its shelf life. Food packaging regulation has recently been tightening, primarily in the EU, due to human health safety concerns. This trend has prompted global converters and food manufacturers to seek out safer alternatives for use in multi-layered flexible packaging.

Joji Suzuki, director and senior general manager of Toyo-Morton’s technical division, commented, ‘While epoxy silanes are not currently subject to regulatory control, we are proactively eliminating substances of concern from our products. The new line-up was formulated to address the growing regulatory demands that converters and food manufacturers face regarding food packaging safety. As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we were able to develop laminating adhesive products that are not only free of epoxy silanes and organic tin compounds, but also offer the same physical properties and performance levels as regular products. Toyo-Morton remains committed to delivering adhesive solutions that enable our customers to achieve the highest performance and food safety standards.’

Toyo-Morton recently added Ecoad EA-B3860/EA-B1290, high-solids solvent-based adhesives for use in the dry lamination of multilayered films in flexible packaging structures.