Mondi has switched its entire portfolio of glassine-based release liners to certified base paper. The company has made the change as part of what it is calling its ‘ongoing, proactive approach to sustainability.’

Glassine-based release liners are mainly used for labels, tapes, and medical applications. By moving to certified base paper, Mondi believes it is improving traceability and ensuring that it works with partners who manage forests responsibly, in line with its own commitment to maintain zero deforestation in its forests and supply chain.

The company added that the move to certified glassine-based paper further demonstrates its commitment to responsible sourcing and supply chain transparency. Mondi also suggested that its close collaboration with partners, known as its EcoSolutions approach, means that it will continue to ‘ask the right questions and develop the most sustainable packaging solutions to support customers in achieving their sustainability goals.’ The company already works with a number of certification bodies to help increase the availability of certified wood fibre in its key wood sourcing markets in Europe.

Stefan Schönberger, Mondi’s head of product sustainability for release liners, commented, ‘As part of our MAP2030 ambitions, we commit to taking action on climate change, and setting an example for others working in international manufacturing, production and logistics to help them make sustainability a key priority. Offering certified base paper is part of this. It is the first step to upgrading our entire release liner portfolio, which will manage our impacts while providing the best possible solutions for the customer and the end consumer.’

All of Mondi’s pulp and paper mills are PEFC or FSC certified, 100% of its own forests are certified and 76% of externally sourced wood and 100% of sourced pulp is from certified sources.