Gama International and Absolute have made a new partnership which will see the British company become the local distributor of Gama’s products in the UK and Ireland.

The partnership widens the range of dealers the Italian company can rely on worldwide, while retaining post-sales service both in terms of installations and spare parts.

‘We know Absolute team since many years through Pamarco, which is already our dealer in the US, so we are confident about the mutual benefits of this agreement,’ said Sante Conselvan, CEO at Gama International.

‘We have collaborated with Gama International for several years and we incorporate their ink control systems on our hugely successful InkSave ink recovery and print circuit washup systems. So, we decided to become their dealer in UK and Ireland. I am sure our collaboration with Gama International will be fruitful since we trust each other’s approach to the market’, added Antony Whiteside, CEO at Absolute.

Absolute is a trusted world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre-chambered doctor blade systems, with more than 15,000 successful installations worldwide. It is a key part of Pamarco, the largest manufacturer of anilox rollers in the world, which serves different sectors such as flexo, coating and laminating, corrugating, embossing and gravure.

Gama International, part of I&C-Gama Group, installed over 12,000 systems worldwide and its solutions are sold to customers in the packaging, label, newspapers and commercial printing markets, and to manufacturers as OEMs solutions. The company is based in Milan, Italy, and it can count on a full team of marketing, sales and after-sales people. For a wider presence in the American market, in 2016 GAMA Americas was established, based in York (PA).