Primoreels rises from the ashes


Published: 13 August 2021 | No comments yet

Primoreels rises from the ashes

Primoreels CEO, Henrik Sahlberg, with Nilpeter’s Allan Pedersen during the factory acceptance test of the new FA-17

Danish dairy lidding manufacturer, Primoreels, has invested in a new Nilpeter FA-17 after a fire in September 2020 severely damaged the company’s existing Nilpeter press.

The fire affected much of Primoreels’ production and significantly reduced the company’s manufacturing capacity, however, through hard work, determination, and the help of close partners and suppliers, the company is now back in full force and has invested in a new FA-17.

During the restart, Primoreels purchased a refurbished Nilpeter FA-2500 to run production as quickly as possible after the fire.

‘When your entire factory with production equipment, inventory, and development projects burns to the ground, it feels as if the rug is pulled out from under you,’ said Henrik Sahlberg, CEO, Primoreels.

‘Our contingency plan was, however, launched with full force on the day of the fire, so uncovering usable converting and printing machines in the market was initiated, spare stocks of raw materials were dispensed, and several different printing partners were immediately activated with preparation of clichés and converting tools,’ he continued.

‘The contingency plan was followed to the letter, which meant that all of Primoreels’ customers were kept running, and not a single one experienced production stoppage due to the fire. That is a remarkable effort, and something we can be proud of,’ Mr Sahlberg concluded.

‘Obviously, the fire was very, very unfortunate, but we are pleased that we were able to help Primoreels in a time of need, alongside our industry partners, and make sure they could sustain production during the rebuild. We’re very happy to continue the partnership, and expect great things now that Primoreels is 100% re-established,’ said Jesper Jørgensen, global sales manager, Nilpeter.

The FA-17 features Nilpeter’s lightweight, easy-load sleeves for reduced setup times, easy handling, increased production speeds, high printing quality, and durability.



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