Global Graphics has published its half year report and consolidated interim financial statements showing significant revenue and EBITDA growth.

Revenue (unaudited) from continuing operations for the period was up 99.7% to €23.77 million, compared with €11.90 million for the same period in 2020 and EBITDA (unaudited) increased 48.6% to €5.81 million from €3.91 million in 2020.

Mike Rottenborn, Global Graphics CEO, said, ‘Our results set us on the right path for future growth and I anticipate the remainder of 2021 to show a strong performance also.’ Global Graphics started 2021 with the acquisition of Hybrid Software, a strategic technology partner which effectively doubled our headcount and revenue. It brings extensive expertise in labels and packaging, a worldwide sales and technical organisation, a growing recurring revenue component, and most importantly, a very profitable end-user sales presence to the group.  Revenues from Hybrid for the first half of 2021 were €10.4 million, an increase of more than 30% from 2020, with EBITDA at 35% of revenue.’

Global Graphics chairman Guido Van der Schueren added, ‘These results underline how Hybrid Software and Global Graphics together are a winning combination. Hybrid Software has immediately contributed to the Group’s results and cash position and I have been delighted with the smooth integration of the businesses following the completion of the acquisition.

‘Together we occupy a unique position in the industry as provider of hardware and software components to OEM and end-user customers required to drive digital printing equipment. We have many customers in common who are excited about the opportunities presented by a broader range of innovative solutions. These are encouraging signals for future growth and value for shareholders.’