Esko has launched ArtPro+ 21.0.3 its native PDF editor for packaging and label pre-press, which the company says will simplify packaging and label pre-press.

The software enables operators to reduce unintentional errors when editing and to automate repeating tasks without the need for any special programming skills. ‘With ArtPro+, prepress teams can enjoy the significant benefits of working directly on PDF files with a complete set of editing features,’ explained Frank Woltering, product manager graphic editing at Esko. ‘With this new release, our next generation prepress editor further evolves to meet the growing needs of packaging professionals in today’s business environment.’

‘ArtPro+ contains all the functionality needed to go from a customer file to a print ready file in just a few clicks and without leaving the application. Images, text and barcodes can be made variable in size, layout and colour by reading a record from a CSV database. The rule-based validation capabilities not only check the database, but also preflight the final output and report on potential printing issues before going to press,’ said Mr Woltering. ‘The VDP module allows data to be expanded directly into a Step & Repeat template, resulting in a fully stepped and repeated layout file ready to print.’