Flexible packaging provider Wipak UK has welcomed its local MP Craig Williams on-site to discuss its £5million investment plan to become more sustainable.

‘This significant investment will enable us to produce flexible packaging solutions with a considerably lower carbon footprint, which will not only contribute to the wider company’s target of becoming net zero by 2025, but aligns with many of our customers’ sustainability ambitions too,’ explained managing director at Wipak UK, Andrew Newbold. ‘We were delighted to welcome Mr Williams on-site last week to discuss our ambitious agenda, in particular how we aim to create jobs through reducing our emissions and the carbon footprint of our products.’

Following his visit to Wipak UK’s factory, Montgomeryshire MP Mr Williams, said, ‘It is absolutely terrific to tour Wipak UK and see the investment that’s going in, that’s helping both Wipak UK and the Wipak Group meet their ambition for net zero. The UK Government and our Prime Minister could not have been clearer about our direction of travel towards net zero by 2050, but also picking up the pace. We can’t do that on our own – Government can set frameworks, but we need private sector partners like Wipak UK to come in and help us, and the investment here, the commitment to net zero, the doing it in a tremendously impressive timeframe, is exactly the kind of private sector investment we need in the United Kingdom.’