Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint Green doctor blade has been authorised by Absolute Engineering for use with the company’s carbon fibre chamber systems. After conducting extensive testing, technicians at the UK-based chamber producer found TruPoint Green to be a solid option in mid-high line screen corrugated metering applications.

TruPoint Green was created in Flexo Concepts’ Doctor Blade Innovation Lab as an alternative for steel blades when increasing anilox line screens test the limits of UHMW’s metering capability. The blade’s stiffness and spring properties allow the blade edge to maintain good contact with the anilox roll and execute the delivery of higher quality graphics. Green blades are drop-in replacements for UHMW and safer than steel in terms of preventing operator injuries and anilox roll scoring.

In a statement Flexo Concepts said it was ‘proud to partner with Absolute Engineering, a trusted world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon fiber-chambered doctor blade systems with more than 7000 successful installations worldwide. By combining two cutting-edge technologies – Absolute Engineering’s carbon-fiber chamber systems and TruPoint Green next generation plastic doctor blades – printers can maximize quality and productivity while improving safety.’