Enfocus is upgrading the power and functionality of PitStop Server, its automated PDF pre-flight and correction application. The software company has confirmed that all of the automation advantages of Switch Core, its automation platform, will be available in PitStop Server 2020.

‘Our customers need not only PDF handling, but also more efficient automation around it,’ explained senior product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins. ‘The market demands faster, leaner product delivery. Hot-folder based technology is no longer an optimal way to automate. It’s time for PitStop Server to take our customers’ workflow further and offer them more opportunities. So, we offer not only best in class PDF preflight and correction, but also new flexible capabilities to broaden automation.’

The Belgian company, established in 1993, says that the addition of Switch Core to its PitStop Server will bring the following benefits and options to users:

  • flexible workflows without folder structure limitations
  • browser based job tracking and overview using job boards
  • automatic file reception and delivery via FTP and email
  • file sorting and routing based on file type, file naming, and job and document variables
  • file renaming and archiving
  • split and merge PDF files
  • zip and unzip job folders
  • conversion of PDF to JPEG
  • access to the Enfocus Appstore for integrating third-party solution

Beginning with PitStop 2020 , users with a PitStop Server license and maintenance contract will be entitled to a Switch Core 2020 license, which will be delivered when it hits the market in June.