Parkside has invested in a Comexi ML2 laminator, in order to meet growing consumer demand for flexible packaging, particularly the company’s innovative reclosable solutions.

The new machine will allow the packaging solutions provider to increase output and to apply specialist adhesives with excellent optics to a wide range of substrates.

‘We have seen a steadily increasing demand placed on our production lines due to the popularity of our packaging solutions,’ said technical manager Joshua Swann. ‘The installation of this new technology is a welcome boost to our capabilities that will enable us to take production to the next level, increasing our output while ensuring consistently high quality.’

Using a range of interchangeable coating trolleys Parkside are now able to apply solvent, solventless and water based lamination adhesives to new multi-ply structures, in combination with heat/cold seal applications, as well as coatings such as matt or gloss varnishes.