Argentinian packaging design and reprographics business, Fotograbados Longo, has invested in Latin America’s first ever Esko XPS Crystal 5080 technology for optimum UV plate exposure.

Having equipped itself with a range of Esko solutions in recent years, the company purchased the XPS Crystal 5080 to drive enhanced plate quality and consistency at its site in Avellaneda, near to Buenos Aires.

‘We are passionate about investing in the very latest technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry,’ said Sebastian Longo, president of Fotograbados Longo. ‘The new XPS Crystal has enabled an astonishing leap forward in quality, which we and our customers are absolutely delighted with.

‘As well as the notable improvements in achieving consistent high-quality, we have experienced enhanced production efficiency, helping us to meet customer demand for a fast turnaround. The investment extends our capabilities while complementing our existing set-up, which includes a number of further Esko solutions, allowing us to consistently deliver the best possible print quality for which we are known.’

The XPS Crystal 5080 combines optimised UV main and back exposure with consistent radiation to deliver high-quality flexo plates. It can be combined with Esko’s CDI solutions, including the new CDI Crystal 5080, to deliver a single flexo plate production process that can reduce manual steps and errors by 50% and necessary operator time by 73%.

‘By combining the new XPS exposure solution,’ continued Mr Longo. ‘Our exising Esko CDI Spark units and Esko Print Control Wizard software, we are able to create tailored plates for our customers that take substrates, inks, anilox and other print run parameters into consideration. In using the latest technologies from Esko, we are able to offer our customers plates that deliver far superior print quality from the very start to end of a run.’